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Kezia Parkins is the lead editor for Medical Device Network and Medical Technology Magazine. She is an experienced healthcare writer and editor with special interests in MedTech, clinical trials, patient centricity and global health equality.

Kezia Parkins

3D printing in drug manufacturing: unlocking future possibilities

From personalised medicine to the democratisation of drug access, XIL Health founder and CEO Susan Lang believes 3D printing can bring many benefits to drug manufacturing. Here she tells Kezia Parkins more about the technology’s potential.

Approach to spur testosterone production instead of synthesis on the horizon

Current treatments for hypogonadism involve synthetic hormones or steroids which come with side effects and high abuse potential.

Unmet needs: a brief history of ALS and its sparse pipeline

With an experimental treatment showing promise, Kezia Parkins charts the history of ALS and its treatments.

Vaxxinity CEO Mei Mei Hu on vaccine research and democratising health

Vaxxinity CEO Mei Mei Hu discusses her newly-formed company, its vaccine programmes and her mission to serve the underserved.