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Lab to jab in 100 days: manufacturing flexibility for future rapid responses

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is on a mission to explore whether new vaccines could be developed against emerging infectious diseases within just 100 days. With their recent successes and a range of advantages over traditional vaccine platforms, emerging rapid response technologies, like mRNA, are expected to play a significant role in achieving this goal.

Prefilled syringes and vaccines: Optimising parenteral packaging for the next pandemic

As prefilled syringes gain favour with healthcare providers, it’s time to look at how vaccine manufacturers can optimise designs to strengthen their parenteral packaging toolbox.

Medical affairs in a digital-first world: Benefits and challenges

From telehealth to decentralised trials, the entire healthcare industry has realised the true value of digitalisation in recent years. Medical affairs teams are no exception. Here, we discuss the benefits and challenges of engaging medical professionals on digital channels.

Tech innovations that curb complexity, setting clinical trials up for success

With trial complexity on the rise, studies leverage innovative technologies to help drive successful outcomes.

Thoughts on amendments to ISO 10993-7 medical device ethylene oxide sterilization residuals

The amendments include new allowable limits for neonates and infants.

A collaborative partner for powder processing R&D in universities and beyond

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How to integrate IHC biomarkers for more effective clinical development in immuno-oncology

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eConsent adoption: Top three stumbling blocks holding sponsors back

No clinical study can take place without informed consent. But with studies becoming increasingly complex and often remote, it’s the right time to take that step forward to reimagine how the consent process is managed.

To insource or outsource drug commercialisation? Flexibility is the answer

Partnership models are becoming increasingly important when launching a drug. But when does it make sense to outsource, and when should you keep commercialisation inhouse?

Flow cytometry: advantages in immunotherapy clinical trials

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