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Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe is a freelance journalist, and has written about mental health, fertility, and new pharmaceutical discoveries. In her reporting, she explores people in the healthcare industry and the wider world from scientific, sociological, legal, technological, environmental and leadership perspectives.

Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe


New medications for PCOS slowly edge toward development

While lifestyle modifications play a key role in treating PCOS, the paucity of new treatments signal a need for breakthrough research.

Perimenopause: Tackling the dearth of treatments for anxiety and depression

Drug development for mental health needs during perimenopause remains a woefully under-researched area.

The one-shot cervical cancer vaccine paradigm

The WHO recommends that healthcare systems worldwide implement single-dose vaccine programs to help eliminate cervical cancer.

Provention’s Tzield can delay type 1 diabetes. But will it reach all patients?

Tzield’s approval highlights the need for wider screening programs that can address existing inequities in the type 1 diabetes space.

Are we entering the era of biologics for COPD?

With several trials underway, attention turns to whether 2023 will change the course for biologics in COPD.