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Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe is a freelance journalist, and has written about mental health, fertility, and new pharmaceutical discoveries. In her reporting, she explores people in the healthcare industry and the wider world from scientific, sociological, legal, technological, environmental and leadership perspectives.

Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe


Calibrating cold chain systems for cell and gene therapies in a post-pandemic world

Pharmaceutical supply chain partners are trying to create an efficient cold chain system to transport cell and gene therapies.

Rx Machina: How AI is transforming pharma sales

Pharma sales have undergone a seismic transformation after Covid-19, with the adoption of artificial intelligence tools.

Supercritical fluids advance sterilisation tech in pharma

Research and development into novel sterilisation methods using supercritical fluids is aiding pharmaceutical formulation techniques.

Fighting AMR with a value and subscription model 

The recent reintroduction of the Pasteur Bill seeks to address the global threat that antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) infections pose, one subscription contract at a time.

Apple makes a play to change the health metaverse arena

As Apple announces further inroads into the health Metaverse–is it the physical-digital world’s breakthrough moment in healthcare? 

AI for patients: Hype or Hope?

While recent advancements see companies highlighting AI’s ability to empower patients, reluctance to fully embrace it persists.

Breathing easy: How digital inhalers are changing asthma treatment

As data on digital inhaler systems gain traction, how do these devices enhance the patient experience?

Cleanroom tech tackles environmental impact of consumables

R&D centres on balancing safety and sustainability across the pharmaceutical sector to design the cleanrooms of tomorrow.

New medications for PCOS slowly edge toward development

While lifestyle modifications play a key role in treating PCOS, the paucity of new treatments signal a need for breakthrough research.

Perimenopause: Tackling the dearth of treatments for anxiety and depression

Drug development for mental health needs during perimenopause remains a woefully under-researched area.