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Reynald Castañeda is the lead editor of Clinical Trials Arena. Reynald's coverage focuses on outsourcing, partnering, and supply chains. An experienced healthcare journalist, he was previously an associate editor for GlobalData’s Investigative News Team, writing scoops and feature news articles on drug development.

Reynald Castañeda


Pharma fundraising in the digital age: HCS Pharma dives into crypto

HCS Pharma is amidst a EUR7m raise using crypto tokens. The firm’s CEO offers some tips for other companies considering the same approach.

Clinical trials in Russia: big pharma makes moves but what’s the pipeline impact?

Certain big pharma companies have reconsidered their clinical trial footprint in Russia in response to the Ukraine invasion. Clinical Trials Arena dives into trends of affected studies.

Clinical trials in Russia: drug development pipeline at risk

Questions swirl on how sanctions against Russia might impact the drug development industry.

Top medical university in Russia pauses clinical trials, sample transport paralysed

Even if enrollment hiatus is lifted, logistical issues such as sending samples to and from Russia another setback.

Ukraine: Former FDA-er calls for agency to freeze Russian regulatory requests

There are at least five pharma companies and two research centres headquartered in Russia with a clinical trial site recruiting in the US.

Pharma developments in 2022: what you need to know

A look at healthcare trends that will likely impact pharma’s efforts to research and develop therapeutics in 2022

Vaxine to file for Australian approval of protein subunit Covid-19 vaccine

An Iran-staged trial shows SpikoGen exceeded the 60% efficacy bar in the primary endpoint of prevention of symptomatic disease.

Can DreamTec turn its bacteria-based oral Covid-19 vaccine into a reality?

DreamTec’s vaccine capsule contains bacterial spores studded with the SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain.

In conversation: South Africa Covid-19 vaccine expert Shabir Madhi

Covid-19 vaccine investigator Shabir Madhi discusses South Africa’s susceptibility to a fourth wave, and much more.

Valneva could outsource Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing in response to demand

Valneva maps authorisation and manufacturing plans on the heels of positive Phase III Covid-19 vaccine data.