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Susanne Hauner

Magazine: Challenges in multiple drugs safety reporting

In this issue: Challenges in pharmacovigilance for treatments involving multiple drugs, the potential of 3D printing in drug manufacturing, opportunities in value-based pricing, and more.

Magazine: The dark side of supply shortages

In this issue: Tackling the rise in illegal online pharmacies caused by drug shortages, how Covid-19 vaccine pricing varies between countries and companies, digitising the supply chain, and more.

Data overload: turning challenges into opportunities in clinical trials

Clinical research is creating more data than ever before, but are we making the most of it or are we at risk of getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data? This was a question high on the agenda at the recent Medidata NEXT conference, where the company’s leaders and customers discussed how technology and processes need to evolve to enable better clinical outcomes.

Solving clinical research challenges: an IT perspective

At Medidata NEXT in New York, we sat down with Jackie Kent, Medidata’s senior vice president and head of product, to discuss how technology can help to solve current challenges in clinical trials.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 69

In this issue: The world’s pharma manufacturing hotspots, creating a universal flu vaccine, obstacles to improving the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, the potential of growth drugs, detecting racemisation in drugs, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 50

In this issue: Maximising investment by cancer megafunds, positive clinical trials for an antibody to treat lupus, how copper can be used to tackle obesity, whether day and night should influence our drug regimes, a device to soak up excess drugs and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 47

In this issue: The breast cancer drug pipeline, getting biosimilars to market, the debate about animal research, olive leaf extract on trial, text mining in the biotech sector, outsourcing clinical trials in emerging markets and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 42

In this issue: Bridging the GP – big pharma divide, the year ahead in regulation, world-changing research into parasitic diseases, the first 3D printing method for adult stem cells, the ethics of marketing pharmaceuticals online, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 41

In this issue: regulation updates for EU-FMD and IDMP, why flibanserin remains controversial, why farm dust could be the key to preventing asthma, new efforts to reduce placebo use in clinical trials, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 39

In this issue: How the industry can prepare for Britain’s EU referendum, London’s proposed £10bn drug development ‘megafund’, why antibiotics innovation has stalled despite the growing AMR threat, new malaria research that could lead to a $1 cure, the potential of statins for cancer treatment, and more.