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Glass tubes for packaging pharmaceutical products

SCHOTT Tubing offers customised glass tubes for packaging pharmaceutical products. Its glass is designed for maximum safety and is thoroughly tested for quality and safety.

Glass tubes for pharmaceutical packaging

SCHOTT Tubing offers a variety of glass tubes to satisfy individual needs of drug formulations. Type I glassses FIOLAX® clear and amber and Boro-8330™ provide high-chemical resistance for low-risk of drug-container interaction. AR-Glas® and ILLAX® are suitable for the production of containers for packaging orals, tablets, and powders.

First hydrolytic class glass tubing for pharmaceutical and biotechnological products

Invented by SCHOTT in 1911, FIOLAX® glass tubing is used to make high-quality packaging containers for sensitive drug products, such as biopharmaceuticals or drugs that needs to be lyophilised.

FIOLAX® amber helps protect pharmaceuticals from short-wave visible light and ultraviolet rays. This meets a large number of national and international packaging requirements for parenteral medicines.

Glass tubing for the production of vials, ampoules, syringes, and cartridges

FIOLAX® is used to form a vast range of packaging products, including vials, ampoules, syringes, and cartridges.

Tubing closed ends are manufactured in accordance with SCHOTT’s own DENSOCAN® system. This involves the separation of tubes with low-particle content, which are then sealed over an open flame. This is a safe and reliable method of avoiding contamination in the process chain.

Glass tubing module-based training

SCHOTT offers module-based training concept FIOLAX® Academy. Customers are provided with six modules, covering topics from tubing glass basics to drug-container interaction. Individual workshops are also provided.

perfeXion™ – the new era of quality processing

With perfeXion™, SCHOTT is moving towards zero defects in pharmaceutical glass tubing production. It stands for the transition from statistical quality control to 100% inspection of each individual tube over its entire length.

This new production quality process combines line scans, infrared (IR) inspection systems, area cameras, and lasers to collect data, which is then collected by a holistic inter-connected IT solution

perfeXion™ enables FIOLAX® to be used for even more sophisticated primary packaging solutions for advanced medical treatment.


SCHOTT is an international technology group specialising in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics. The company offers a broad portfolio of high-quality products and solutions, with more than 130 years of experience in development, as well as extensive materials and technology expertise.

With sites in Europe, South America, and Asia, SCHOTT Tubing has a total production capacity of more than 140,000t. For glass tubes, rods, and profiles, SCHOTT Tubing is one of the leading manufacturers world.

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Press Release

SCHOTT Incorporates Improved Technical Performance Standards

SCHOTT has taken new steps to help ensure its clear and amber FIOLAX® glass tubing has zero defects by implementing new technical performance specifications.

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SCHOTT FIOLAX – Special Glass Tubing for Pharmaceutical Packaging

When SCHHOTT AG's founder Otto Schott bought the FIOLAX glass tubing for the manufacture of small medicine bottles and ampoules in 1911, he created a product that still satisfies the highest quality standards today. FIOLAX's excellent barrier properties allows for the safe storage of modern biotechnology drugs, generics, and sensitive pharmaceuticals.


Erich-Schott-Strasse 14

95666 Mitterteich


+49 963 3800 +49 9633 80 614

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10 July 2017

Microalgae manufacturer ecoduna has selected SCHOTT's glass tubes for its new photobioreactor (PBR) facility after a successful 18-month testing period.

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28 March 2017

SCHOTT has taken new steps to help ensure its clear and amber FIOLAX® glass tubing has zero defects by implementing new technical performance specifications.

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Erich-Schott-Strasse 14

95666 Mitterteich


+49 963 3800 +49 9633 80 614

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