Coronavirus Social Media Dashboard

Pharmaceutical companies are in the spotlight as they race to develop treatments for the rapidly spreading Wuhan coronavirus. Firms like Novavax, AbbVie and Vir Biotechnology are among those developing potential vaccines and treatments for the disease.

GlobalData’s new Coronavirus Social Media Dashboard analyses Twitter activity to help readers identify the latest trending keywords, hashtags, mentioned companies and countries. The dashboard tracks Twitter activity around the outbreak in near real-time providing a unique insight into what expert influencers and leading organisations are saying about the spread of the disease.

GlobalData’s Coronavirus social media dashboard uses a key list of influencers, which includes Doctors, Surgeons, Physicians and other healthcare experts, actively sharing their views and opinions on twitter.

For Data organisation – A series of keywords (related to coronavirus) are passed through the universe (of shortlisted influencers) of tweets to identify and display the most recent and most popular once. Using AI techniques such as NLP, the count of relevant hashtags, keywords, companies and countries are generated for the selected timeline.

The top influencers sections displays the influencers based on the number of relevant tweets around the topic. The list is dynamic and keeps refreshing on its own.