The theme for 2015 conference is “Navigating Cancer Care by Early Detection and Prevention”. In addition to talks from an elite roster of speakers, we hope to feature more than 40 proffered scientific lectures. We aim to bring top medical experts in the field of cancer screening highlighting recent advances in breast, lung, cervical, colon and prostate cancers to the conference.

The 3rd International Oncology Conference will be one of the biggest international conferences ever held in UAE on global advances in cancer screening. The conference will enable participants to implement the cutting edge cancer research and critical tools into their daily practice to fight and prevent cancer, making a tangible difference for their patients.

To make this worthwhile event a complete scientific experience, great care is being taken to design the plenary sessions and a wide array of topics to be addressed by a renowned faculty and distinguished experts from the field of Oncology.

This conference is an invaluable learning experience that will provide you with the best of science and education on cutting edge, yet practical aspects of oncology medicine.