This 2-day conference is the third of its kind. It will provide an update on the current status for biosimilars in EU and internationally with focus on both regulatory and scientific challenges as well as market access and experiences. Patients and physicians approach to use of biosimilars will be part of the conference scope including a discussion on biosimilars adoption into current treatment guidelines in EU. The conference will consist of plenary lectures followed by interactive panel discussions providing participants an opportunity to bring forward their own experience and share their thoughts and ideas with the experts.

Featured Topics

Current regulatory status of biosimilars in the EU

International development of biosimilars

Naming of biologicals including biosimilars

Pharmacovigilance issues related to biosimilars – EU and globally

Market experience with biosimilars including market access and pricing

Patient and physicians approach to use of biosimilars

This conference is aimed at intermediate and experienced professionals from:

Regulatory agencies

The pharmaceutical industry and service providers including

Regulatory affairs personnel

Pharmacovigilance staff

Clinical and medical personnel

Academic institutions

Physicians and their scientific societies

Patients organisations

Learning Objectives

Deal with regulatory requirements, scientific and operational challenges

Exchange experiences and discuss Hot Topics with experts

Update the participant on the current knowledge including regulatory and scientific thinking

Discuss pros and cons of Biosimilars