The Life Science Data Privacy, Integrity and Security Summit is the premiere forum to guide the industry with timely and vital data privacy and security strategies to ensure protected clinical data. This event focuses on strategic cybersecurity measures for collecting, storing and transferring personal medical data.

This conference addresses HIPAA/HITECH regulations as well as pending personal privacy laws in Europe, Russia and Asia. Participants will gain valuable insights on how to find the right level of privacy and security controls appropriate for their organization, mitigate risks associated with storing sensitive data in the cloud, maintain privacy while using mobile devices and social media, and develop protocols to prevent data breaches.

Additionally, industry experts will present case studies on minimizing brand damage in the aftermath of a data breach, complying with federal and state regulations and directives, and developing best practices for conveying cybersecurity risks to executives and boards of directors. And since implementing IT strategies for disease management is a topic with major growth potential for the industry, this conference explores it in depth.