“Paul van Diest, Head of Department, Professor in Pathology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands predicts that digital pathology is on the verge of a breakthrough and says that “”interest in the technology has spread beyond academic hospitals to regional hospitals. “”He says that it will be “”a fairly established piece of technology at least in the Western world.””

It is against this background that we have developed the 2nd Digital Pathology Congress. Discover the potential of the technology to reduce lab costs, increase workflow efficiency, create greater inter-connectivity and deliver more effective training. Additionally, you will learn how digital pathology can improve decision making to enable enhanced and personalised patient care. Plus, with 25 exhibtors you will get hands-on exposure to some of the very latest technologies and solutions.

The 2nd Digital Pathology Congress will target the following strategic and scientific key areas:

1. Digital Pathology – Strategy and Technology
2. Pathology Informatics
3. Virtual Microscopy & Digital Image Analysis
4. Digital Pathology Application and Research Case Studies

Also includes a free Hamamatsu Photonics Digital Pathology Workshop on 2nd December

This free special event that will give you the opportunity to hear about the current and future direction of digital pathology from Hamamatsu Photonics.

The purpose of the workshop will be to provide both training from Hamamatsu and case studies from current users from across Europe regarding their positive experiences but also about overcoming challenges of whole slide imaging. There will also be an opportunity to have hands-on experience with both Hamamatsu hardware and software.

This event will be held the day before the 2nd Digital Pathology Congress and at the same venue. The workshop will offer the perfect opportunity to create a forum to exchange ideas, form new collaborations and develop a new community for digital pathology.