“Join us for an analytical science event that features industry experts, networking opportunities and PerkinElmer Product Specialists. In addition, you’ll have access to our exclusive INnovation Hub that features our portfolio of analytical instruments and services.

Featured Guest Presenters: 
– Ezyra Pryor, Chairperson ACS Cannabis
– Dan Wiederin, ESI
– Dr. Alon Gorodetsky, University of California
– Jesse Calvillo, AGQ Labs

The Los Angeles INTour will feature three “”tracks”” of session content, highlights include:

Cannabis & Food Track
– Discussion on Laboratory Testing Requirements for Cannabis – Multiple Technologies, presented Dr. Tim Ruppel, PerkinElmer
– Development of a Cannabis Chemistry Division for the American Chemical Society, presented by Ezra Pryor, Chairperson ACS Cannabis Chapter
– State of the Art Agricultural Lab Testing. presented by Jesse Calvillo, AGQ Labs

Environmental Track
– PAH in Surface Water by PDA and Fluorescence Detection, presented by Dr. Craig Young, PerkinElmer
– Using a High-Speed Sample Introduction System to Determine Elemental Content in Drinking Water and Wines Using Atomic Absorption, presented by Dr. Mark Parman, PerkinElmer
– EPA Method 200.8 – Quick and Easy [using ICPMS automated dilution], presented by Dan Wiederin, ESI

INsight and INnovation Track:
– Cephalopod Derived Materials for Photonic and Protonic Devices, presented by Dr. Alon Gorodetsky, University of California
– Beer: Characterization of Flavors and Measuring “Defects” in One Run by HS/GC/MS, presented by Lee Marotta, PerkinElmer
– Single Particle ICP-MS (SP-ICP-MS) for the Detection of Metal-Based Nanoparticles in Environmental Matrices, presented by Steve Mangum, PerkinElmer