“This event will focus on enabling biophysical tools and highlight key advancements in protein-based drug discovery, with new areas of discussion including: Small molecules in drug design – A look at novel inhibitors and favourable protein-fragment interactions.
The talks on strategic designs of compound libraries and data mining techniques will examine IMI Open PHACTS project as well as fragment deconstruction approaches and the result of halogen-mediated interactions.
Moreover, it will take a closer look at combined HTS and FBDD methods for lead generation and the application of biophysical methods such as: X-Ray Crystallography, NMR, biocore and ITC to aid the prioritization of target inhibitors.

This is a must-attend event for those active in computational drug design, medicinal chemists, experts in biophysics.

– Understand key developments in protein-based drug design
– Optimise biophysical tools for compound validation and high resolution screening
– Learn unique benefits of small molecule covalent drug design
– Efficiently prosecute protein-protein interactions through fragment-based approaches
– Gain new insights in organised dynamic structures on a 3D project database using novel algorithms to determine specific subunits

– Gregg Seigal, Chief Executive Officer, ZoBio
– Doug Johnson, Research Fellow, Pfizer
– Tove Sjögren, Associate Director, AstraZeneca
– Herman van Vlijmen, Senior Director, Janssen
– Armin Ruf, Section Head, Biostructure, Roche
– Hans Matter, Senior Scientist, Sanofi-Aventis
Jordi Munoz Muriedas, Investigator, GSK

Plus, two interactive post conference workshops: A Fresh View on Molecular Recognition: The Dynamic Perspective, led by Xavier Barrill, ICREA Research Professor, Barcelona University. And Analysis and Application of Ligand Conformation in Drug Design, led Dr. Emma Blaney, Senior Programm Manager, and Dr. Martin Watson, Head of NMR, C4X Discovery Ltd. “