Sharp’s Packaging Facility Expansion, Pennsylvania

Sharp Packaging Solutions has officially opened its new Centre of Excellence for specialty, biological and cold chain packaging on Penn Am Drive, Allentown, Pennsylvania, US, in June 2016.

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Packaging facility


Pennsylvania, US


June 2016


Sharp Packaging Solutions


Sharp Packaging Solutions has officially opened its new Centre of Excellence for specialty, biological, and cold chain packaging on Penn Am Drive in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The company has invested $45m to expand its contract packaging capability by 30% for its life sciences customers.

Establishment of the Centre of Excellence marks the company’s third expansion in the Allentown campus since 2014. Sharp Packaging Solutions purchased the building in 2014 and completed renovations and interior construction in April 2016.

The company has expanded its existing packaging facility to meet the growing industry demand for contract packaging services of bottled and blister packed pharmaceutical products, as well as specialty product and biologic package outsourcing.

Sharp’s existing facility for pharmaceutical packaging

The existing facility is equipped with 40 enclosed packaging suites with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and pressure controllers, an 8,600-pallet capacity automated storage and temperature-controlled retrieval warehouse, and a 500 capacity cold storage, which can maintain temperatures between 2°C and 8°C.

Sharp Packaging Solutions provides contract services such as customised, blister, bottle, and flow wrap packaging; medical device and child-resistant packaging; vial and syringe labelling and kitting; serialisation and e-pedigree services; biotech pen assembly; specialty distribution; and a physician sampling programme.

Expanded facility with state-of-the-art specialty packaging units

The new packaging facility is built over an area of 112,000ft², adjacent to the company’s existing 270,000ft² facilities at 7451 and 7529 Keebler Way. It houses state-of-the-art biologic and specialty product packaging units with comprehensive cold chain and serialisation capabilities.

The company moved its existing specialty and biologic packaging lines from Keebler Way to the new centre after construction. Its cold storage capabilities can accommodate 600 pallets, double the existing refrigeration capacity.

The Centre of Excellence is also equipped with additional packaging and serialisation equipment to handle specialty packaging requirements and increase packaging capacity.

Four new bottling lines will be added to the existing Keebler Way facility by consolidating all the specialty and biologic equipment in the new Centre of Excellence by September 2016.

Commerical and clinical packaging solutions

Sharp Packaging Services provides unique commercial and clinical packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry through the design, development, manufacture, and delivery stages of production.

The company consists of two dynamic international units, Sharp Packaging Solutions and Sharp Clinical Services, with 1,600 employees working at the state-of-the-art facilities in the US, UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The company is globally reputed for its cost-effective packaging designs for blister packs, bottles, pouches, and stick packs, as well as complex products. It is also known for its clinical services division, which provides innovative clinical supply chain services..

Sharp Packaging Solutions provides services covering from the drug development phase and manufacturing to clinical supplies packaging, labelling, distribution, qualified person auditing, and comparator sourcing.

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