Briumvi may struggle to make headway in crowded multiple sclerosis market

While TG Therapeutics is celebrating the approval of Briumvi, its sentiment is not fully shared by KOLs interviewed by GlobalData.

Importance of biomarkers in the ulcerative colitis market

There is a lack of reliable biomarkers that are indicative of outcomes and disease severity for UC patients.

Sanofi offers refunds for Cablivi in novel model for rebates

As risk sharing agreements slowly make their mark, Sanofi’s new Cablivi warranty program presents a newer take on existing methods.

Health Canada accepts Veru’s Covid-19 therapy NDS-CV for review

Proportion of deaths by day 60 was the primary endpoint of the double-blind, randomised, placebo controlled trial.

Finding a cure: How cell and gene therapies could revolutionise medicine

The potential for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) is transformational within healthcare, effectively providing the body with the tools to fix itself. ATMPs could offer cures for types of cancer, Alzheimer’s and haemophilia, or even help the patient’s brain to recover from a stroke. We speak to RoslinCT, an internationally recognised innovator in advanced therapeutics, to learn more about the medical breakthroughs under way in Scotland.