GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has announced it will manufacture one billion doses of its pandemic adjuvant by 2020.

Although GSK is not producing its own Covid-19 vaccine, it is supporting on a non-profit basis other companies who are with its pandemic adjuvant. During previous flu pandemic, this part of the vaccine, which boosts the immune response, was shown to reduce the amount of protein needed per dose, therefore allowing more doses to be produced.

GSK global vaccines president Roger Connor commented: “We believe that more than one vaccine will be needed to address this global pandemic and we are working with partners around the world to do so.

“We believe that our innovative pandemic adjuvant technology has the potential to help improve the efficacy and scale up of multiple COVID-19 vaccines.

“With this significant expansion in our manufacturing capacity, we can help deliver up to one billion doses of adjuvanted vaccines through 2021, helping protect many more people and support the global effort to fight Covid-19.”