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Ypsomed - Pen Injectors, Pen Needles and Auto-Injectors for Self-Injection

Ypsomed is the leading independent developer and manufacturer of user-friendly self-injection systems. To complement our innovative and reliable pen systems for the injection of insulin, hGH, FSH and PTH provides a complete range of dual-chamber pen and syringe-based auto-injector platforms for monodose injections. Ypsomed unique "click-on" pen needles and safety pen needles are compatible with our own and all other widely available pens. A broad-based technology platform and over 250 patent families mean Ypsomed can meet virtually all customer needs in the growing market for self-injection systems.

Insulin pen injectors - typical dosing range: 0.01–0.6ml (1–60 I.U.)

Insulin pens are reusable or disposable multi-dose injectors for frequent injections designed for dedicated 3ml cartridges and pen needles. All Ypsomed's insulin pens include easy dose-setting and clear last-dose indication for when the cartridge is nearly empty. For reusable devices simple cartridge exchange is essential. Above all the dose display must be large and easy to read, while the device itself needs to suit the target patient group. With most current devices the injection process (needle insertion and injection) is performed manually. Spring aided injection can provide benefits to patients and is a key focus in Ypsomed's platform developments.

Pen injectors for other indications - typical dosing range: 0.05–0.5ml

Ypsomed has a range of pen devices based on our core insulin pen technology to cover frequent injection therapies such as hGH, FSH, GLP-1 and PTH. Some of these therapies require a fixed dose whereby the device must clearly communicate that the dose has been set and injected. Other therapies benefit from dose-memory functions which simplify handling so that the patient only needs to set the required dose once for each new cartridge.

All our pen platforms are designed to accommodate a single-chamber (liquid-stable) or a dual-chamber cartridge.

Monodose pens for dual-chamber cartridges - typical dosing range: up to 1ml

Many new injectable therapeutics are available only as lyophilised formulations where a dual-chamber cartridge is required and the device is disposed of after a single injection. The use of dual-chamber cartridges puts special demands on the pen system in terms of intuitive reconstitution, priming and dose-setting steps. It is very important for the patient that these steps are easy to learn and always performed in the correct order.

Disposable auto-injectors - typical dosing range: up to 1ml

Disposable auto-injectors are typically single-dose delivery devices used for the infrequent injection of larger doses of drugs of different viscosities. The standard device is designed for 1ml long pre-filled syringes. The complete injection process (needle insertion, injection and subsequent needle shielding) is performed automatically. Ease of use, full needle safety and clear injection feedback are standard features of Ypsomed's auto-injectors.

Standard pen needles Penfine® and Clickfine®

Ypsomed's patented "click-on" pen needles have been on the market for over 10 years and are well accepted for their quick and easy handling and appreciated by insulin pen users and by patients in other indication areas such as for hGH, GLP-1, FSH and PTH. They are distributed in more than 30 countries under the brand names of Penfine® universal click™, Clickfine® universal and Optifine® and under private label. The broad range of universal "click-on" pen needles is compatible with all major cartridge-based pen systems and can be supplied through pharmacy distribution or as a package directly with the pen injector.

Examples of our partners who provide the pen needles as part of the pen injection system to further increase convenience for patients are: Roche, Merck Serono and Nycomed.

Safety pen needle Clickfine® AutoProtect™

Ypsomed's safety pen needle reduces the risk of accidental needle stick injuries and has been developed for frequent injections performed in care-giving situations for insulin and for treatments with a risk of infections such as aids and hepatitis C. The needle also reduces patient anxiety by hiding the needle before and after injection. The locking mechanism is indicated by a red safety bolt which extends over the needle after use.

Platform concept – core driver

At Ypsomed we've translated what the automotive and software industries have successfully implemented into our own modular system – our Platform Concept. Thanks to our Platform Concept our customers profit from the power of accumulated market knowledge and systematically applied innovation processes innovations which has created one of the most comprehensive injection technology portfolios. The direct utilisation of our platforms leads to shorter project timelines and ultimately cost efficiencies for both customisation and manufacturing.

Selecting the best self-injection device for your drug therapy

Ypsomed works closely with its customers to select the most appropriate device technology based on key considerations, such as:

  • Type of device - pen, auto-injector, disposable or reusable
  • Frequency of injection, needle safety / phobia and reimbursement considerations
  • Use of a standard primary drug reservoir for different devices, each dedicated to particular patient groups
  • Proportion of patients self-injecting compared with those receiving the injection in the clinical setting

Ypsomed – manufacturing and quality – an integral part of our innovation cycle

All products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland, where internal capabilities include R&D, tool-making, injection moulding, clean-room production and assembly facilities. Ypsomed provides not only marketing and technological but also manufacturing expertise according to the latest regulatory requirements, for both low and high-volume production. Ypsomed manufactures in FDA-registered facilities, is inspected regularly by its customers and regulatory authorities, and supplies devices approved for all leading markets including the US, Europe and Japan.

Ypsomed has well-established partnerships of many years with numerous leading pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers such as sanofi-aventis, Genentech, Lilly, Pfizer, Roche and Serono.

We have a solid base and are a recognised pioneer in our industry, with over 25 years' experience (formerly as Disetronic Injection Systems) and well-established links to cartridge and syringe manufacturers and fillers.

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Ypsomed company headquarters in Burgdorf, Switzerland.
High level of technological integration for the development and manufacture of pens, pen needles and auto-injections.
Reusable pen injectors for reliable and accurate dosing of insulin, hGH and other frequently injected drugs.
Patented disposable 'dose memory' pens and 'click-on' standard and safety pen needles making giving injections more convenient.
Ypsomed's range of platform devices.
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