Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 55

In this issue: India’s new drug pricing policy, bringing transparency to pharma industry payments, a UK innovation centre enabling new means of drug discovery, how artificial intelligence is being used in drug development, and more.

Pharma Tech Focus February 2017

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India’s policy of placing price caps on pharma products is set for a shake-up as the government considers dismantling the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority and making decisions on drug pricing itself under a new, more flexible system. We consider the possible outcomes of the decision for both the industry and patients.

We also ask whether the pharma industry is getting too cosy with Irish doctors, after they received €6.8m in payments in 2015, find out more about the Medicines Discovery Catapult and how it will contribute to speeding up the drug development process, and discover how BenevolentAI is using artificial intelligence to select new drug targets.

Finally, we speak to the authors of a study into the effects of lingering health problems after childhood cancer to find out whether after-effects could be avoided with new therapies, and learn how internet-enabled packaging can remedy the problem of patient adherence.

In this issue

A Question of Balance
India’s drug pricing policy is set for an overhaul, but has the government struck the right balance between ensuring affordable access to medicines and creating a regulatory landscape that works for the industry? Elly Earls investigates.
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Seeking Transparency
An initiative bringing transparency to pharma industry payments to healthcare professionals has prompted a debate across Europe. Chris Lo finds out more from Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association public affairs manager Philip Hannon.
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A Collaborative Catapult
The Medicines Discovery Catapult, one of 11 technology and innovation centres established by Innovate UK, has been set up to enable new means of drug discovery. Abi Millar investigates.
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AI Drives Discovery
BenevolentAI’s recent license agreement for a series of novel clinical stage drug candidates could hail a significant breakthrough in the way drugs are developed. Abi Millar finds out more.
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Ready for Change?
In this Expert Insight, Nadia McLurcan, GlobalData's Analyst covering medical devices, discusses whether the NHS is ready for point-of-care testing as it struggles under increasing pressures.
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After the Cure
While survival rates for childhood cancer have increased, many survivors are blighted by health problems later in life. However, a new study has found these ‘late effects’ are no better for more recently treated patients. Abi Millar reports.
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Internet-Enabled Adherence
Digital connected technologies are increasingly being used to improve patient adherence. Elly Earls finds out more from smart packaging developer Mevia and Internet of Things service provider Aeris.
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Next issue preview

New data from the UK’s National Institute for Health Research has revealed that all NHS Trusts in England are engaged in clinical research, often in collaboration with industry, to improve outcomes for patients. We examine the practice of clinical research in the public healthcare setting, and ask how patients and the NHS can benefit from a strong research focus.

We also find out more about a new peptide that has been shown to prevent pre-diabetic patients from progressing to diabetes, take a look at the most rapid drug development stories of recent times, and discover how a biotech company is using shark antibodies to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Plus, we speak to Elsevier R&D Solutions about a project set up to support innovation taking place outside the walls of traditional pharmaceutical companies, and explore the issue of child-friendly drugs through a landmark initiative to distribute tuberculosis medicines for children in Kenya.

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