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Katie Woodward

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 71

In this issue: A surge of M&A activity in the biotech space, the history of drug development for mumps, a profile of the Swiss pharmaceutical market, using digital tech to unlock billions in savings for pharma companies, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 68

In this issue: The benefits of seamless clinical trials, a new functional cure for HIV, using mRNA to target cancer tumours, the potential of magnetic hyperthermia in killing cancerous cells, a look at drug pricing policies around the world, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 67

In this issue: How cancer drug resistance works, accessing funding for rare diseases, India’s attempt to redefine over the counter drugs, the biotech potential of slipper limpets, Dundee University’s influence in pharma research, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 66

In this issue: Breaking cancer’s drug addiction, the NHS’ decision to switch from biologics to biosimilars, Elsevier’s common model for data sharing, a generic antiretroviral for HIV/AIDS, the opioid addiction crisis in the US, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 65

In this issue: Calls for closer ties between the NHS and pharma, Norway’s unique prescription database, a new way to reduce the risk of heart attacks, MDMA’s potential to treat PTSD, a curative compound derived from red sage, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 64

In this issue: Using drugs after their expiration dates have passed, treating lactose intolerance, a closer look at CARB-X’s work on antibacterial R&D, helping nanomedicines reach their target, radioactive isotopes battling cancer, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 63

In this issue: UK pharma industry takes NICE to court over price caps, Amazon’s potential to enter the US pharmacy industry, a new platform to capture molecules from fungi, the current state of drug development in osteoporosis, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 62

In this issue: A new tool to encourage links between industry and academia, blockchain’s applications for pharma, using Zika to attack brain tumour cells, treating MS with nanotechnology, the benefits of publicly funded cancer trials, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 61

In this issue: The UK’s healthcare spending problem, PhRMA’s new R&D spending requirements, undermining supply chain security by importing foreign drugs, milestone cystic fibrosis trials, a personalised treatment approach for panic disorder, and more.

Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 60

In this issue: Solving US drug pricing issues by importing cheaper Canadian drugs, underexplored fields in immuno-oncology, a new temperature-resistant rabies and yellow fever vaccine, the increasingly popularity of adaptive clinical trials, and more.