Pharma Tech Focus August 2017

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The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry’s new president has said that drug firms could reconsider their operations in the UK if the government doesn’t increase its spending on NHS treatments and patient access to new medicines. We find out more about the association’s hopes for healthcare investment.

We also consider the reform plans proposed by US industry lobbying group PhRMA as the group considers new rules for membership, take a closer look at a new drug development technology based on Gamma Delta T Cells from human tissues, which could lead to new immunotherapies for a range of cancers, and ask whether plans to import drugs into the US could compromise drug quality and make it impossible to guarantee supply chain integrity.

Finally, we find out more about a new treatment for cystic fibrosis, and consider whether personalised treatments could help doctors prescribe the most effective drug for panic disorder sufferers.

In this issue

An Industry Exodus
The pharmaceutical industry has warned that drug firms could abandon the UK if healthcare spending isn’t significantly increased. Abi Millar finds out exactly what the sector wants from the government’s healthcare investment.
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Resetting the Conversation
A new requirement launched by US industry association PhRMA is mandating a minimum R&D spend by all members. Chris Lo finds out more about the move to revitalise the pharma sector’s public image.
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Betting Big on T Cells
A novel development platform being developed by a British biotech could lead to new treatments for cancer and auto-inflammatory diseases. Elly Earls finds out why drug giant Takeda is betting big on its potential.
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Recipe for Disaster?
With US prescription drug prices among the highest in the world, legislation has been proposed that would allow cheaper foreign imports. However, opponents say this would undermine supply chain security and compromise drug quality. Abi Millar explores both sides of the debate.
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Keeping it Simple
When global regulatory requirements are changing all the time, what does best practice in labelling management look like? AMPLEXOR’s Romuald Braun explores how a holistic approach to data management can improve efficiency and compliance, and reduce cost and risk.
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Searching for a Breakthrough
The last few months have provided some encouraging news for the cystic fibrosis patient community, with milestone trials meeting their clinical endpoints. Chris Lo profiles the drug development market for this incurable disorder.
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A Personal Touch
Drug therapy is the accepted treatment for panic disorder, but many patients don’t respond at all. Could a personalised treatment approach help physicians prescribe the best drug for a given patient? Abi Millar finds out.
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Slice of the Pie
With the recent approval of Roche’s Ocrevus, the competition in the multiple sclerosis market has intensified. Gengyu Li, PhD, GlobalData’s analyst covering neurology and ophthalmology, considers what this means for current top-selling drugs.
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Next issue preview

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has developed a new tool to help academics connect with the pharma industry for new partnerships. Dubbed LINC, the database will help academics and clinical research teams find the right connections for funding and access to cutting-edge equipment. We find out more about the benefits of this tool.

We also question whether blockchain technology’s transparency and reliability could have applications in the pharma space, investigate the potential for Zika virus to be weaponised against brain tumour cells, and find out more about LIFNano’s new approach to treating multiple sclerosis, which uses nano-technology to deliver LIF stem cell particles.

Finally, we consider the pros and cons of publicly funded clinical trials, and investigate the STEM education and skills gap in the US, following recent warnings from industry group PhRMA of heavy international competition in the pharma sector.

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