Pfizer’s Global Biotechnology Centre, Hangzhou Province, China

Global biotechnology centre

Pfizer broke the ground for the development of a Global Biotechnology Centre in the Hangzhou Economic Development Area (HEDA) in China on 27 June 2016.

The company announced that it will invest approximately $350m for the development of its first biotechnology centre in Asia to support China's national healthcare reforms to provide world-class biological medicines for patients worldwide.

The new biotechnology centre is expected to be fully operational by 2018. The company expects that the new facility will increase complexity and value of China's biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector by 2025.

Details of Pfizer's new Global Biotechnology Centre

The new Global Biotechnology Centre will ensure the production of high-quality, affordable biosimilars using technologies that meet the international standards for quality, safety, efficacy, construction and superior environmental standards.

It will contain Pfizer China's biosimilars and biologics quality, technical services, divisions for engineering and logistics, commercial manufacturing, process development site and clinical supply site.

It will also contain filling and packaging units for accommodating start-to-finish manufacturing capabilities in a single facility.

Construction of Pfizer's Chinese biotechnology centre

The facility will make use of GE's KUBio modules, which will be pre-fabricated with Flexfactory processing technology, to reduce construction and installation time. The technology also helps in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions, water usage and energy consumption by 75%.

The advanced modular solutions installed with Flexfactory bioreactors will be used for growing cultures and manufacturing biologics.

The KUBio pre-fabricated modules will be shipped from Germany to China and assembled onsite. It usually consists of bio-manufacturing platforms with approximately 250 components such as single-use technologies, associated process hardware, automation and control components to provide end-to end manufacturing of biosimilars.


The new Global Biotechnology Centre is expected to generate more than 150 job opportunities during its operation phase and strengthen regional biotechnology expertise.

"The company expects that the new facility will increase complexity and value of China's biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector by 2025."

Its establishment will represent the company's further investment in research and development (R&D) and clinical research and also contribute to the growth of China's bio-pharmaceutical industry.

The facility also contributes to growth in local and government economy by attracting additional investments from both domestic and foreign sources into sectors such as healthcare and R&D.

Marketing commentary on Pfizer

Pfizer is dedicated to discovery and development of new and better solutions to prevent or treat diseases and healthcare challenges.

It works in partnership with healthcare providers, managed care organisations, world governments and non-governmental organisations to provide access to patients across the world to innovative treatments and quality health care.

The company's leading medicines and products portfolio supports wellness, prevention, treatment and cure for diseases in different therapeutic areas.