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Adam Zamecnik is a healthcare reporter for Pharmaceutical Technology. He has covered diverse topics such as continuous drug manufacturing, genomic research and sexual health. He is particularly interested in new technologies, health inequality, and cell and gene therapy research.

Adam Zamecnik


Humira biosimilars set the stage for long-awaited 2023 US launches

After much buzz, the entry of Humira biosimilars is awaited as a cost-cutting opportunity, but market penetration will not be instant.

Expanding ketamine’s horizons to treat rare neurological disorders

Early ongoing research could support ketamine’s use in treating other neurological conditions beyond pain and depression.

Can gene therapies for haemophilia defend their high price tags?

ICER has published its cost-effectiveness analysis on expensive gene therapies, and Roctavian’s potential use faces more questions than EtranaDez.

Chronic drug shortages signal difficult outlook for cardiovascular care

With drugs to treat heart attacks in short supply in the EU, the cardiovascular space continues to be strained by rising demand.

Vaxcyte trains its sight on a lucrative market with pneumococcal vaccine

Previously a mainstay of Pfizer, the pneumococcal vaccine market is seeing increasing competition from multiple players.

Female sexual interest drug reaches tipping point with Phase III plans

Freya Pharma has received EMA guidance to take its pill Lybrido into Phase III trials to treat female sexual interest disorder.

Joining the dots: How gene regulatory network tools are unearthing drugs

An increasing number of tools are opening opportunities to repurpose drugs faster, but novel development trails behind.

Merck’s HIV pipeline shifts as islatravir PrEP program is discontinued

The program’s long-acting effects made it a valuable option for different communities, as PrEP grows in prominence in HIV care.

A tough puzzle: complexity slows drug development for concussions

Condition heterogeneity warrants multiple therapeutic approaches, but past failures highlight developmental challenges.

Nanorobots: small solutions to big delivery problems

Micro and nanorobots are on the far horizon in pharma, but imprecise imaging slows their translation into standard use.