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Eloise Mclennan

PTF: The ethics of vaccine boosters

In this issue: The ethical dilemma of vaccine boosters, optimising real-world data in the pharma industry, billionaires search for ways to cure ageing, predicting the placebo response, and much more.

PTF: Unpacking innovation in biologics

In this issue: Unpacking the challenge of complex biologics, using bacteria to fight breast cancer, fighting Covid-19 with llama-derived antibodies, securing the US pharma supply chain, and much more.

PTF: Once more unto the (data) breach  

In this issue: Cyberattacks to know and learn from, addressing pharmaceutical pollution in European hospitals, the therapeutics treating alcohol use disorder, pushing for a genomics revolution in the UK, and much more.

PTF: time for UK plasma to shine

In this issue: Lifting the ban on UK-derived blood plasma, alternatives to shark squalene in vaccines, malaria treatments through the ages, and much more

PTF: Relinking the pharma supply chain

In this issue: Rethinking the supply chain for a post-pandemic world, treating rare diseases in India, how to get a drug name approved, developing an oral Covid-19 vaccine, and much more.

PTF: Antibiotic Adjacent

In this issue: Tackling AMR with antibiotic alternatives, the promise of regenerative medicines, drug dispensing goes digital, ethical and safety considerations facing Human Challenge Trials, and much more.

PTF: Big Pharma meets Big Tech

In this issue: Big Pharma and Big Tech collide, preparing for the next pandemic, pharma marketing on social media, the future of mRNA vaccines, and much more.

PTF: Getting the skinny on generics labelling

In this issue: the future of skinny labelling in the generics space, how Henrietta Lacks changed medicine without her consent, charting the rise of antibody-drug conjugates, and much more.

PTF: Spotting new Covid-19 variants with genome mapping

In this issue: spotting new Covid variants with real-time genome surveillance, addressing the threat of AMR, preparing for Amazon Pharmacy, rebuilding Big Pharma’s image, and much more.

PTF: Is Joe Biden good news for US pharma?

In this issue: Joe Biden’s potential for pharma, unlocking the mystery of Hepatitis C, fast-tracking vaccine development, the ethics of achondroplasia, and much more.