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September’s top stories: Positive opinion for Trelegy Ellipta, Teva agreed to sell assets in women’s health business

GSK and Innoviva received a positive opinion from CHMP for Trelegy Ellipta to treat COPD, and Teva agreed to sell assets in global women’s health business for $1.38bn. wraps up key headlines from September.

How voice assistant technology could revolutionise clinical trials

A new research collaboration aims to improve both data collection and patient engagement in clinical trials by harnessing the power of voice recognition.

Treating mononucleosis: why the mystery?

Mononucleosis, a common condition usually caused by the Epstein- Barr vVirus, affects millions but has no cure or vaccine, and has a high risk of misdiagnosis. So what is being done to improve the situation? Abi Millar reports.

Roundtable: discussing trends in contract manufacturing

Outsourced contract manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry is stronger than ever. But how can CROs leverage their capabilities to better serve growth in new markets? Abi Millar spoke to a range of experts to find out more.

Crowdfunding for cancer therapy

The Care Oncology Clinic is crowdfunding to help provide patients access to four repurposed drugs, alongside conventional NHS cancer drug treatment therapy. Why is there a need for such a funding mechanism, and what evidence do they have to support this treatment? Abi Millar finds out.

Pharmaceutical packaging: where should drug companies focus their efforts?

The future of pharmaceutical packaging operations is far from straightforward. The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies reveals where drug companies should be focusing their efforts.

A peptide to prevent pre-diabetes

An Irish biotech start-up has joined the global battle against diabetes with an unexpected weapon of choice: food. Elly Earls meets the company’s founder and chief scientific officer Dr Nora Khaldi to find out more.

BenevolentAI: using artificial intelligence to speed up drug discovery

British artificial intelligence company BenevolentAI recently signed an exclusive license agreement for a series of novel clinical stage drug candidates with Johnson & Johnson. Their potential was evaluated using the company’s unique AI technology, which, if the compounds prove successful, could hail a significant breakthrough in the way drugs are developed. Abi Millar spoke to the company to find out more.

It’s not just the drugs that are improving

Pharmaceutical market analysts tend to focus on how new, improved drugs will impact the treatment paradigm and market value for various cancers. However, the latest advancement in radiotherapy could have a big impact on future cancer drug markets.

Tapping digital technologies to improve drug adherence

Digital connected technologies are increasingly being used to improve patient adherence, one of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare system today. To find out more, Elly Earls talks to smart packaging developer Mevia and Internet of Things service provider Aeris, which have teamed up to tackle this problem.