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Developing personalised medicines – Q&A with Penn State University’s Dr Broach

Personalised medicine is one of the biggest medical advancements for decades, but the revolution is only just beginning. Dr James Broach from Penn State University’s Institute of Personalised Medicines explains the endless benefits of examining genomics, as well as the challenges scientists must overcome.

Track and Trace – a new era of compliance for drug manufacturers

EU and US regulators are ushering in a new era of pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution compliance. It’s expected to shore up safety and shift out counterfeit drugs from the supply chain, but why are some parts of industry less enthusiastic, and is it a valuable new standard for distribution compliance or an unnecessary burden on the industry?

May’s top stories: human cloning breakthrough, Ranbaxy’s record fine

US scientists made a breakthrough in human cloning research, the first ever H7N9 avian influenza vaccine was developed, Ranbaxy Laboratories agreed to pay a record fine and the first human trials on synthetic blood were made possible in Scotland. wraps up the key headlines from May 2013.