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Watching the clock: should day and night influence our drug regimens?

Should day and night influence our drug regimens? We all know our bodies act differently at different times of day, but why then are so few drugs designed with our natural biorhythms in mind? Abi Millar talks to Professor Shobhan Gaddameedhi of Washington State University about why this is set to change.

Could copper unlock a new wave of metabolic treatments?

According to new research by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, copper plays an essential role in fat metabolism, breaking down fat cells so they can be used for energy. Abi Millar finds out whether this could be the start of a new wave of copper-based treatments for obesity and other metabolic disorders.

Scaling up the pharma sector’s smart packaging revolution

Wiring up a pack of paracetamol isn’t a big challenge in itself, but scaling the manufacturing processes behind smart packaging is another story, as Elly Earls finds out.

Stem cell printing: a pathway to personalised medicine?

Researchers at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University have developed a world-first 3D printing platform allowing them to print stem cells from adult donors. These can in turn be used to generate other cell types, such as brain, liver, or heart cells. Lead researcher Dr Will Shu explains how lab-engineered human tissue might be used for drug testing, disease modelling and even organ regeneration. Abi Millar reports.

Drug side effects: Big Pharma’s ‘inconvenient truth’

A new model could predict a drug’s side effects on different patients, potentially transforming the way treatments are prescribed. Elly Earls meets the researchers behind the technique to find out more.