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Blueberries: from superfood to a potential PTSD treatment

In a series of studies conducted on rats, researchers from Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine have found that eating blueberries could help to alleviate some of the problems associated with post-traumatic stress disorder. What is the science behind this remarkable berry, and might blueberries contain an extractable pharmaceutical component? Abi Millar investigates.

Benign by design: the long road to biodegradable drugs

The technology exists to create biodegradable drugs, but is the pharmaceutical industry ready for a new way of thinking? Elly Earls finds out.

A new pharmaceutical hope for heroin addiction?

For a small group of chronic heroin users, conventional treatments do not work and there is a case to be made for medically supervised heroin injections. Unfortunately, many countries have political barriers to implementing this therapy. A new study, published in April, shows that the pain medication hydromorphone could prove just as effective, but without the legal repercussions. Abi Millar finds out more.

Durbin CEO Leslie Morgan talks saving lives through the supply chain

Industry veteran Leslie Morgan, CEO of medical supply company Durbin, has more experience of the pharmaceutical supply chain than most. We sit down with him to discuss his journey from pharmacist to chief executive, the evolution of pharmaceutical distribution over the years, and why every patient counts.

Olive leaf extract: on trial

The Mediterranean diet – featuring a high consumption of olive oil – has long been associated with longevity and health. More recently, olive leaf extract has been making a comeback as a natural remedy, with evidence to suggest an array of health benefits. So how far has olive leaf extract testing gone and is there any chance of seeing it reclassified as a bona-fide pharmaceutical? Abi Millar finds out.

Russia: a bright future for clinical trials?

An impressive 70% of new drugs registered in Europe in 2015 were tested in phase II-III clinical trials in Russia. High recruitment rates and low costs certainly make it an attractive location but unique challenges do pose significant risks. Power Technology speaks to experts from CROs Synergy and Smooth Drug Development to find out more about the future of Russia’s market for clinical trials.

Pregnancy and childbirth: where are the new drugs?

Pregnancy and childbirth still pose significant health risks for women, and while new drug approvals are thin on the ground, the pharmaceutical industry is on the case in other ways.

Sick, dying and on a placebo: could we do away with it altogether?

Fear about receiving the placebo is one of the biggest barriers to clinical trial recruitment but with new trial set-ups already being investigated to reduce the number of patients in the placebo group, could they be done away with altogether? Elly Earls asks Elisabetta Vaudano of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and Tom Isaacs of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust.