Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for biologics are witnessing rapid growth as pharmaceutical companies focus on the development of advanced therapeutics.

APIs biologics were traditionally manufactured by large pharmaceutical companies in-house. However, recent trends indicate a shift towards outsourcing to contract manufacturing organisations to take advantage of their expertise.

API biologics contract manufacturing companies can support pharmaceutical companies, especially small biotech companies, to scale up the manufacturing of their products.

Find the leading API biologics companies in contract manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Technology has listed some of the top API biologics companies in contract manufacturing based on our intel, insights and decades-long experience in the sector. The list includes providers of biopharmaceutical manufacturing services, analytical services, biologics supply chain management solutions, regulatory filing support, as well as packaging, labelling and distributing services for biologics.

These companies offer support for manufacturing large-molecule biologics, including cell culture development and optimisation, upstream and downstream development process optimisation, process validation, cell line development, analytical support, project management and several other solutions.

The information contained within the download document is designed for pharmaceutical executives, production officers, process optimisation executives, procurement officers, regulatory consultants, and any other individual involved in API biologics production in the pharmaceutical industry.

The download contains detailed information on the providers and their services and solutions, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing or hiring decision.

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Trends in API biologics contract manufacturing

The patent expiry of various blockbuster drugs and rising investments in advanced therapeutic products has boosted the growth of API biologics and their outsourcing to contract manufacturers.

Contract manufacturers need to expand their capabilities to cater to the unique and specific demands of pharmaceutical companies by investing in the latest technologies. The use of single-use technology in biomanufacturing, for example, helps in achieving cost reduction, increasing productivity and saving energy.

Contract manufacturing organisations also need to invest in providing end-to-end supplier services as the complexity and demand for biologic APIs is projected to grow in the future.