Laboratory equipment, instrumentation and consumables are critical in the research and development of novel medicines and vaccines. Lab equipment suppliers and procurement, therefore, is a vital step in the generation of life-saving medicine and treatments.

Newer technologies are creating opportunities for medical lab equipment suppliers to provide better patient care.

Leading lab equipment suppliers and procurement

Pharmaceutical Technology has some of the leading pharmaceutical laboratory equipment suppliers at the forefront of innovation in the pharma sector. The list includes suppliers of a wide range of medical diagnostic tools, measurement and analysis equipment, temperature calibrators, tablet counting machines, and pressure indicators, as well as spectrometers, temperature control equipment, and viscosity measurement devices.

The information provided in the download document is drafted for pharmaceutical executives, R&D executives, lab equipment sales executives, and quality control/assurance executives. It is also aimed at lab equipment manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, equipment sales managers, engineers, lab technicians, research associates, and any other individual involved in the operations in the pharmaceutical industry.

The download provides detailed information on lab equipment suppliers and their product lines, along with contact details to aid your lab equipment procurement and purchasing decisions.

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Medical diagnostic tools

Thermometers, X-rays and ultrasound scanners are some of the most used medical diagnostic tools.

Besides these, other imaging, screening, diagnostic and evaluation tools offer the diagnostic capabilities to improve patient care such as CT scan, MRI, bone mineral density machine, doppler machine, dental X-ray machine, and other associated accessories such as medical cables and sonography gel.

Lab equipment innovation

Growing incidences of chronic diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, and rising biologics demand support the pharma lab equipment market growth. Investments by the pharmaceutical industry in the lab infrastructure and equipment up-gradation have also seen an improvement over the years, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, to support the research and development of new drugs and vaccines.

The requirement for sophisticated lab equipment such as DNA amplifiers, spectroscopy, and immunoassay analysers, is likely to continue to grow in the future, with increased demand for improved features, including sustainability, automation, data integrity and portability.