Reliable packaging machines are essential to ensuring pharmaceutical products are packaged safely and efficiently for distribution to consumers. Packaging plays a key role in the marketing and use of pharmaceutical products while labelling ensures products can be identified easily and comply with regulatory standards.

Pharmaceutical companies require flexible, reliable and high-efficiency packaging machines equipped with the latest technologies to fulfil their packaging needs. They also need labelling equipment that can allow products to be labelled, coded, tracked and traced efficiently while meeting the pharmaceutical industry’s stringent compliance and validation requirements.

Top-rated pharmaceutical packaging companies and labelling equipment suppliers

Pharmaceutical Technology has listed the leading contractors and suppliers of packaging machines and labelling solutions based on its knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical and packaging sectors. The list includes suppliers and providers of packaging solutions, filling and packaging machines, barcode printers, leak detection and inspection machines, labelling solutions, and tablet and capsule counting machines.

The information in the download document is aimed at packaging machine designers, procurement executives, packaging service and purchase engineers, packaging operations managers, packaging and labelling development coordinators, labelling specialists, and packaging management executives.

The document includes detailed information on the suppliers and their product lines, along with contact details, to help you with your purchasing decision.

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Pharmaceutical packaging companies and labelling machines

Pharmaceutical companies use a range of packaging machines, depending on the drug products being packaged. Some of the most used packaging machines in the pharmaceutical sector include:

  • Blister packing machines
  • Tablet packaging equipment
  • Strip packing machines
  • Powder and liquid filling machines
  • Sealers
  • Label applicators
  • Cartoning machines and case packers
  • Hand packing stations
  • Leak detection equipment

The correct labelling of packaged drug products is vital for including information such as serialisation, track and trace codes, and tamper evident labels. Some of the labelling machines used by pharmaceutical companies include:

  • Hard film overwrappers
  • Wrap-around labellers
  • Bottle labelling machines
  • Double-sided labelling machines
  • Automatic ampoule and vial labelling machines
  • Top sticker labelling machines

Choosing the most ideal pharmaceutical packaging companies

Pharmaceutical companies need to use due diligence when selecting packaging equipment suppliers. The chosen equipment should be tried and tested with a design that suits all the client’s packaging needs. The form of the products that are being packaged, whether capsules, tablets, or liquid pharmaceuticals, also influences the choice of packaging machinery.

Other factors that must be considered when choosing equipment from pharmaceutical packaging companies include production capacity, speed, ease of use, compliance with regulatory standards, and safety features.