Failing to adhere to prescribed medication regimens is one of the prime reasons for poor patient health outcomes. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are working continuously to improve patient adherence solutions, which also impacts disease control and pharmaceutical industry revenues directly.

The growing prevalence of chronic diseases and rising geriatric population has led to increasing demand for advanced medication adherence systems, personalised healthcare, and mobile health systems, which are the major driving factors for the patient adherence market.

Discover the leading patient adherence pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical Technology has listed the top patient adherence pharmaceutical companies based on our intel, insights and decades-long expertise in the sector. The companies offer various products and services for diverse operations including, but not limited to, consulting, clinical, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, analytics, safety, marketing, and customer experience.

The list includes providers of commercial solutions such as research and insights, market access and reimbursement, solutions to solve commercial challenges such as optimising launch performance and maintaining safe and effective usage, as well as technology solutions for activities such as remote patient monitoring, learning management, chat, and texting.

The information contained within the download document is designed for pharmaceutical executives, medical information specialists, customer care associates, pharmacy technicians, quality assurance coordinators, business development executives, reviewers, clinical coordinators, managers, and any other individual involved in the medical adherence sector.

The download contains detailed information on the providers and their services and solutions, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing decision.

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Patient adherence solutions

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly integrating data-driven and software-centric medical adherence products to improve patient compliance.

Many companies use artificial intelligence (AI) to enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to overcome barriers to medication adherence. The AI engine predicts and identifies patients who are at risk and optimises interventions for them by channel, messages and timing. They also partner with retail pharmacy chains, pharmacy network aggregators, and consumer behaviour data companies on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers to collect data for sourcing patient information.

The various services, advanced medication management, and adherence platforms offered by patient adherence pharmaceutical companies are designed to suit the requirements of physicians, pharmacists, and patients to help improve adherence and health outcomes.