Speciality chemicals are chemical products that are used as intermediates or raw materials in different stages of pharmaceutical manufacturing. They are either single-chemical entities or a combination of various chemical compounds designed for specific applications. Their utility is based on their performance or function rather than their composition.

Catalyst technologies play a crucial role in manufacturing several speciality chemical products.

Finding suppliers of speciality chemicals

Pharmaceutical Technology has listed some of the leading suppliers of speciality chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry, based on its intel, insights and decades of experience in the sector.

The list includes suppliers of various products and services such as research chemicals, custom synthesis and contract drug discovery research services, aqueous and powdered cleaning detergents for the pharmaceutical industry, and building blocks for drug design programmes.

The information in the download document is intended for pharmaceutical executives, research scientists, associates, chemists, technical associates, engineers, business development managers, and other individuals involved in the synthesis and distribution of speciality chemicals within the pharmaceutical industry.

Role of speciality chemicals in the pharmaceutical industry

Several speciality chemicals such as catalysts are used in commercial processes in the pharmaceutical industry, such as the synthesis of paracetamol, vitamin K, and erythromycin. Advanced catalysts such as nanocatalysts help to make the process development of drugs cleaner and greener to address growing concerns around climate change. Nano-asymmetric catalysts involving only a single step are being developed rapidly.

Catalyst research allows professionals to understand the challenges and optimise the application of catalysts based on their application conditions and the industrial requirements for suitable and more efficient process development.

Catalyst research also supports pharma research by aiding in the development of tailored catalysts.