private investigation services

KURAS provides industrial private investigation services to help combat counterfeiting and provide protection to sensitive data.

Specialist private investigation services for the pharmaceutical industry

The company offers efficient and discreet services, utilising a vast network of contacts to help get customers crucial information to ensure their businesses are protected. Clients are kept fully up-to-date on their investigations.

KURAS works closely with customs, police, ministries and other authorities to ensure that any wrongdoing is identified, reported and stopped.

KURAS offers specialist private investigational services for businesses within the pharmaceutical industry.
Customers of KURAS can be assured of their data being protected. If a breach is found, our team of experts are quickly on the case to identify and locate the perpetrators.
Detectives can be hired to investigate industrial problems. Clients are regularly updated about their cases, with reports compiled and presented when an investigation is complete.

Anti-counterfeiting investigational services

An investigation can often uncover potentially damaging information, but we believe that is better for clients to be kept in-the-know about what is going on and nip any issues in the bud, rather than problems escalating and causing even greater damage at a later date.

Anti-imitation services and protecting company data

We are able to track down imitation products and protect data on portable storage devices, which can also be investigated to ensure that they have not been breached. If a breach is discovered, we will be able to determine exactly when and where.

We keep are continuously developing our services to keep-up with the latest technology and practises, ensuring that we are able to provide a solution for almost every type of threat that may damage a business.

Patent protection and imitation identifying services

We coordinate our anti-counterfeiting services for companies with lawyers in offices in Belgium and Luxemberg. We protect patented products and promptly identify imitations, working closely with international authorities to enable justice to be served.

Through our many years of industrial experience, we have built-up an extensive range of contacts who are able to assist us in locating information and tracking suspicious activity.

We have established strong working relationships with customs and law enforcement authorities, and also offer training for them on the latest methods used by criminals to try and evade their reach.

We test-buy brands to carry out inspections, and scour social networks to aid our investigations.

Understanding copyright and trademark infringement

With more than 20 years’ investigations experience, we have an intricate knowledge of legislation on copyright and trademarks in Belgium. Our services are boosted by weekly communications with customs and law enforcement authorities.

If an infringement of copyright or trademark is detected, we take action against the party responsible. This gives the customer peace of mind and helps them avoid a potentially stressful confrontation.

Hiring a detective for an industrial investigation

Meetings can be arranged with detectives to determine whether or not your issue can be investigated. A solution might not often be obvious, so different methods are discussed with clients and where they may lead. Any agreement is signed and its terms are made transparent, including payment and expenses.

If a case is taken on, we are in regular contact with the client to make sure they are aware of the latest developments and what the next stage will be. A report is compiled once an investigation is complete, with the findings and actions taken presented to the client.