tesa scribos® is a subsidiary of tesa SE and offers brand protection strategy advice as well as a range of security and application technologies for various industries, including cosmetics, luxury, pharma, logistics, automotive and electronics. These include tesa Holospot® and tesa® CodeSeal for counterfeit, diversion and warranty fraud protection as well as traceability; the tesa SecuritySeal range for theft prevention; and customised solutions combining the security technologies tailored to clients’ product protection needs.

Discreet, forgery-proof information carrier

tesa Holospot is a discreet, forgery-proof information carrier that can be attached easily to any product. It uses laser inscription from computer-generated holograms in the very small, polymeric data carriers. Brand owners get multiple overt and covert security levels for maximum counterfeit protection with the possibility to identify every single product individually. Authentication is possible with or without special devices and can be adapted to the brand owner’s needs.

Security label with integrated information

tesa CodeSeal is a security label with integrated information. It ensures item-unique security codes are effectively integrated into a physical verification system. tesa CodeSeal is thus ideally suited to providing counterfeit protection and traceability, as well as authenticity verification for each individual product.

Overt product protection and identification

tesa IdentSeal® is inscribed with clearly visible text or high-contrast bar codes using a laser. It offers excellent overt product protection and identification combined with effective tamper-evidence. Brand owners can choose between specific surface structures, non-removable imprints or fluorescent UV features to further enhance security.

tesa Holospot on a blister of a pharmaceutical product.
tesa CodeSeal as a seal on pharmaceutical packaging.
tesa scribos offers brand protection strategy advice as well as a range of security and application technologies for various industries.

Security adhesive tapes and labels

The tesa SecuritySeal range comprises adhesive tapes and labels for protecting against manipulation and theft by means of an irreversible optical proof of first opening.

Labels with security print

The tesa SecurityPrint range comprises labels with security print; e.g. guilloches, luminescence inks, thermoreactive and colourshifting inks, and anti-copy protection.

Product coding system

The tesa trust and trace system combines a physically secure product coding system with leading-edge track and trace systems. This supplies logistics and brand protection with detailed and reliable data that can be used to optimise distribution and prevent counterfeiting and trade on the ‘grey market’.

Customer-specific security labels

tesa scribos offers a range of customer-specific security labels, also combined with several security features.