ARCI provides drug discovery research services and process development to the biopharmaceutical industry and academic researchers.

The company has more than 50 years of experience in drug development and supports projects from bench-top research to clinical trials. It provides contract discovery research, custom synthesis, medicinal and synthetic chemistry, and advertisement consulting services, as well as process research and development (R&D) and manufacturing.

ARCI offers services related to full-time equivalent (FTE) and purchase orders (PO).

ARCI offers a wide range of drug discovery research and process development services.
The company utilises more than 50 years of drug development experience to ensure the full support of bench-top research and clinical trials.
ARCI's contract drug discovery research and manufacturing services focus on lead optimisation, synthesis and scale-up.
The company performs glycosylation, hydrogenations and Grignard reactions.
Alberta Research Chemicals provides custom synthesis in small and large batches.
The company’s synthetic chemistry expertise includes building blocks, small molecules, monomers and polymers.
ARCI supports biopharmaceutical companies with drug development activities that meet the client's medical chemistry requirements.
ACRI's process research and development (R&D) service includes small-scale synthesis and route optimisation.
ARCI's state-of-the-art research facilities enable the discovery of treatments for cancer and infectious diseases.

Contract drug discovery research and manufacturing

ARCI provides efficient drug discovery research services with a focus on lead and route optimisation, library synthesis, manufacturing and scale-up.

The company works closely with its clients to meet development deadlines and keeps them updated on the project’s progress with weekly reports and videoconferences.

ARCI’s chemistry expertise includes asymmetric synthesis, carboxylations, Diels-Alder reactions, Friedal-Crafts reactions, formylation, glycosylation and Grignard reactions, as well as halogenation, hydrogenation, metal-mediated reactions and nitrations.

The firm also handles oxidations, polymerisations, Suzuki couplings, reductions, reductive aminations, Wittig reactions and Wolf Kishner reductions.

Customised organic synthesis

ARCI’s chemistry team has more than 50 years of experience in a wide range of organic synthesis applications.

The company provides adaptable, cost-effective custom synthesis in small and large quantities with full intellectual property (IP) protection. Each product features all required documentation to meet regulatory requirements.

The company’s synthetic chemistry expertise includes building blocks, small molecules, monomers and polymers, as well as complex intermediates, reference compounds, impurities, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and glycoconjugates.

It is also experienced with literature and non-literature compounds.

Medicinal chemistry compliance services

ARCI supports biopharmaceutical companies with drug development activities, ranging from discovery to development of clinical candidates and medical chemistry requirements.

The company’s services include early-stage drug discovery, lead generation, clinical candidate evaluation, custom library synthesis and lead refinement.

Process R&D solutions

ARCI provides contract process and manufacturing R&D services to scale-up clinical candidates or final compounds while minimising cost over-runs, delays and synthesis errors.

The company’s chemists are experienced in industrial-scale production processes for complex organic agents.

ARCI’s process R&D services include:

  • Thorough literature search
  • Novel route design to avoid expensive chemical processes
  • Small-scale synthesis and route optimisation
  • Large-scale synthesis
  • Process transfer to kilo lab

Consulting services

ARCI’s chemistry team has expertise in the therapeutic index, from laboratory work to manufacturing, IP, licensing and regulatory management.

The company works with clients to solve any issues encountered during development.

ARCI’s consulting services are applied to a wide range of diseases, including:

  • Cancer
  • Infectious disease
  • Central nervous system (CNS) ilnesses
  • Small molecule therapeutics
  • Novel drug delivery systems

State-of-the-art chemistry analysis

ARCI has access to state-of-the-art research and analysis facilities. The company has experience in chemistries such as name reactions and carbohydrate and peptide chemistry.

The company provides clients with 24/7 online access to publications and search engines such as Reaxys and SciFinder.

Aiming to reduce drug development costs, the company offers both compound-based (flat rate) costs and FTE coatings.