Enamine Ltd. a provider of drug discovery services empowered with the world’s largest collections of building blocks, fragments, and screening compounds announced today that it forms a strategic alliance with Chemspace, an online marketplace leader for small molecules, and will use the company as its exclusive aggregator platform to supply worldwide all its catalogue products starting from January 1, 2022.

Chemspace will be the only online commercial resource in the world that will enable accessing and searching all Enamine’s catalogs. Enamine will continue direct supplies to the drug discovery community and at the same time will cease its historical collaborations with all other compound aggregator platforms.

Enamine holds colossal chemical resources: more than 240,000 building blocks and over 2.7 million screening compounds already accumulated in stock. Such chemicals account for more than half of the world’s commercially accessible stock of small molecules. The company has been able to leverage its knowledge and create catalogs of over 20 billion highly feasible make-on-demand compounds (MADE® Building Blocks and REAL® compounds). These catalogs are exclusively made for searches at Chemspace so that every researcher can explore options available for structure modifications in their research projects.

“We are happy to partner with Chemspace as their unique technology can manage the sizes of our huge catalog evolutions and also provide punch-out integration options with modern procurement systems. This alliance will allow us to concentrate more on our flourishing CRO business”, said Dr. Vladimir Ivanov, CSMO at Enamine.

He continued: “At any time Enamine can continue to quickly give a supportive hand to provide to the customers its scientific expertise in compounds resupplies, synthesis of analogues, and compound libraries. The Chemspace team will ultimately assure the same efficient and transparent communication level with our clients. We are highly confident Chemspace will seamlessly support our collaboration with them.”

Yurii Moroz, CEO of Chemspace commented: “This alliance is a significant milestone for Chemspace, driving our business forward to anchor further our world leading position as a platform with the largest catalog of early discovery chemical products”. He added: “Our mutual commitment to the success of this alliance shall see quickly full satisfaction of end users.”