Benchmark Products Enjoys Another Successful Event at Interphex NYC 2012

Benchmark Products once again received a great response from the attendees at the 2012 Interphex exhibition at the Jacobs Javits Center in New York City, in May. It was Benchmark’s sixth consecutive successful year exhibiting at the East Coast event.

Benchmark exhibited various unique sterile products for their regulated customers. Benchmark’s marketing manager, Michelle Rockow, stated: "Quality control and production managers love to stumble upon our booth where they can find these unique sterile products that they cannot find elsewhere." Most notably were their validated sterile respirator hoods that are exclusively available through Benchmark Products. If a manufacturer is working with cytotoxic drugs in a sterile area, these are needed and were not available validated sterile in the past. These sterile respirator hoods are also widely used for disinfecting during the sporicide rotation. Benchmark also showcased Bullard’s revolutionary new EVA powered air purifying respirator (PAPR), to go along with Benchmark’s validated sterile hoods and hoses.

Benchmark East Coast rep, Tom Hanney, pointed out that a big hit at the Benchmark booth was their Suite technology isolator cleaning tool and cover. The autoclavable extendable handle and unique diamond shape head allow end-users to reach into even the toughest spots in their glove boxes, biological safety cabinets, isolators, etc … and properly clean and/or disinfect these units with the Suite ultra-fiber cover. The Suite ultra-fibre material technology is also available in a 12×12 wiper that is super absorbent and picks up and retains at the endotoxin level (documentation is available to support this claim at Benchmark Products), as well as made into unrivalled pad mop for applying disinfectants on walls and ceilings and hand sponges.

Several customer leads were also obtained for the Suite-validated sterile trash bags and their innovative stainless steel ‘X’ stand to hold these in place and the Suite gamma goggles that are single-use, validated sterile and truly anti-fog. Other popular items were glove box gloves from Piercan, which Benchmark offers gamma irradiated and sterile Tyvek apparel.

Benchmark Products will also be exhibiting at Interphex Puerto Rico later in October 2012. That show has always proved to be successful for Benchmark in the past seven years that they have exhibited there.

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