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Hemair Systems

Clean Room Technology and System Integration

Arley Works, Templars Way Industrial Estate,
Marlborough Road,
Wootton Bassett,
SN4 7SR Other,
United Kingdom

Arley Works, Templars Way Industrial Estate,
Marlborough Road,
Wootton Bassett,
SN4 7SR Other,
United Kingdom

Hemair Systems has been delivering clean room technology products and parts and air handling units for over 15 years. We specialise in clean room technology for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. We undertake projects such as:

  • Clean room systems of all standard classes
  • Central air cooling systems
  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Clean air ventilation systems
  • Applications of air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Clean room modular panel and false ceiling

We have five manufacturing facilities: four in India and one in the UK. Our plants manufacture air handling units, modular panels, clean room equipment components and all related accessories for clean room technology and system integration.

Pharmaceutical clean rooms

Clean room technology is essential for the pharmaceutical industry. Hemair goes far beyond providing robust clean rooms with energy-saving operating systems; we are capable of designing the equipment, and manufacturing and supplying all products and accessories in strict relation to the HVAC environments.

We are able to offer our clients full installation on-site, as well as testing and commissioning. We provide the necessary certification and validation documents which are needed to meet various cGMP regulatory requirements.

Clean rooms for the biotechnology industry

Hemair has completed many successful clean room projects for the biotechnology industry, including vaccine production plants, laboratories, and research and development plants.

Building a clean room is a complex exercise. The particulate counts are often judged by different standards and this decides the cleanliness of clean rooms. The particulate level must not affect the sterility of the product in any way. Presence or absence of both viable and non-viable particles is detrimental to successful clean room operations. Hemair observes strict rules and procedures in order to prevent contamination of any product.

Clean room products and air handling units

Our products are used to deliver clean room technology system parts and air handling units for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology research labs and the semiconductor industry, including some of the most visible works projects around the world. Our products include:

  • Double-skin air handling units
  • Single-skin air handling units
  • Special air handling units
  • Modular clean rooms
  • Filters
  • Clean room technology parts such as terminal boxes, volume control dampers, grills, return air risers, etc.
  • Fan coil units
  • Fan filter units
  • Laminar air flow benches
  • Material pass boxes / garment cabinets
  • Factory fabricated ducts and accessories
  • Dispensing booth / sampling booth
  • Personnel air showers for clean rooms

Turnkey project management for clean rooms

Hemair Systems delivers complete turnkey project management solutions for clean room projects, or we can just supply products for any project being undertaken. We can offer our clients a choice of services, including:

  • Conceptual design capabilities, including full design and construction
  • Full turnkey project management
  • Full site supervision
  • All necessary support products and support services

Our wide range of manufacturing capabilities allows us to design and construct proven products, giving clients practical and affordable clean rooms for any application.

Our team will work with you to determine your specific clean room needs. All of the systems we supply conform to the cGMP guidelines of US, FDA as per the procedures of ISO 14644-1.

Hemair Systems

Arley Works, Templars Way Industrial Estate

Marlborough Road


Wootton Bassett



United Kingdom