Biogen™ Log 6 Decontamination Service

Howorth Air Technology provides a fully validated bio-decontamination system, which helps reduce spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) for application in safety cabinets to hospital operating theatres.

Howorth’s BioGen™ decontamination provides a Log-6 reduction of infectious diseases, which cause a common problem within hospitals including MRSA and C.Difficile.


  • Safe, effective and proven process using hydrogen peroxide
  • Full bio-decontamination reducing infectious diseases throughout healthcare
  • Process validated to Log-6 kill using biological indicators
  • Decontamination volumes up to 2000m³
  • Rapid response after hours emergency service
  • Outbreak management
  • Comprehensive report issued on completion of bio-decontamination
  • Real time monitoring


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