Mecart is uniting in the battle against Covid-19 through the delivery of crucial isolation rooms to healthcare facilities and hospitals.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread globally, the need for dedicated treatment and patient space is increasing rapidly.

“Designing and building cleanrooms and clean-air environments is our core business and one that we fully understand. We have the in-house engineering and manufacturing capacity to deliver solutions with short lead times to the Health sector. Our expertise allows us to join in the fight,” said Patrice Genois, Mecart’s Executive Vice President.

The addition of Mecart isolation rooms can drastically improve each hospital’s ability to serve its community during the current crisis. The rooms, which are available as modular, pre-assembled structures, can be manufactured and delivered much more rapidly than standard construction. Precision HVAC systems ensuring that pathogens are contained and thus eliminating further spread of the virus while providing fresh air for patients and hospital staff are included.  Post pandemic, these rooms can be reconfigured, moved and/or redeployed for a variety of other uses thanks to their complete independence from the host building.

Founded in 1974, Mecart has been designing and manufacturing custom, modular cleanrooms for a long time. Its cleanrooms can be found in many fields, from health-related applications such as pharmaceuticals, hazardous pharmacy compounding, research and clinical trials as well as in industrial uses in the electronics, aerospace and nanofabrication sectors. This is essentially the same technology and expertise that allows the company to supply much-needed medical isolation rooms to hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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