Origin Pharma Packaging is pleased to showcase the addition of its dedicated cleanroom environment. This state-of-the-art facility enables us to take our packaging solutions to a whole new level, including the aseptic filling and sterile packaging of pharmaceutical and healthcare products ready for the consumer.

Built to rigorous standards

The creation of a cleanroom is a highly complex task, as it must adhere to the international performance criteria of ISO 7 class 10,000 and ISO 8 class 100,000 in order to remain compliant.

By meeting these requirements, you can rest assured that the air is maintained at a positive pressure and is changed 10-25 times an hour, meeting the stipulations of the BRC and other governing organisations. Compliant to ISO14644, ISO9001 and ISO15378, this environment is also HEPA filtered to global quality standards, making it perfect for any type and scale of product range.

Combining capability with flexibility

Thanks to our cleanroom being suitable for PET, PP, HDPE and LDPE packaging, and with a capacity of no less than 1,200 square metres, we can help you to deliver large commercial roll-outs as well as small or one-off product runs. This makes our primary packaging cleanroom facility perfectly suited to household brands as well as companies that are diversifying their offering, or start-ups that are now ready to enter the bustling medical and healthcare markets.

The latest technology at its core

All of the manufacturing processes are electrically driven, including injection moulding, injection stretch-blow moulding and automatic assembly. This ensures that every step of the manufacture process remains 100% consistent, resulting in an end product that precisely fits your vision.

Our quality control systems are also second to none, as our mission is to deliver a product that meets the standards required by all British, European, US and global regulatory bodies. As part of this, we manufacture in accordance with all GMP and FDA guidelines, eliminating the possibility of a product being unsuitable for the international marketplace.

Zero chance of contamination

Aside from our cleanroom facility being designed around ISO air quality standards, we can also accommodate additional needs such as automated aseptic filling. By applying treatments such as gamma radiation, we can maintain sterility at all times and fill your primary packaging with your pharmaceutical or healthcare product all under one roof.

Choose Origin every time

Our teams of scientists, engineers and design experts are global leaders in the development of bespoke primary packaging. With over 50 years of experience working with many of the world’s leading brands, Origin has the knowledge, resources and innovative mindset required to deliver top-quality solutions on time every time.

Meanwhile, our commercial specialists will help you to fine-tune your product in order to maximise revenue, reduce costs and increase your speed to market. When this skill set is combined, you have at your disposal a primary packaging provider that knows exactly how to manufacture, fill and package your product to the high standard. All you have to do then is keep up with demand!

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