Origin Pharma Packaging has explained its dynamic pharmaceutical packaging design process and the importance of getting primary packaging designs right the first time around.

Origin’s Pilot Process engages in a way that enables a pharmaceutical company to have its own new product development (NPD) department or a complementary skillset added to its current packaging department. Pilot derives the ideal solution for the client’s primary packaging design through adapting the 4D implementation, discover, define, develop, and deliver.

Innovation is a huge facet of the pharmaceutical industry and packaging has to maintain or even surpass drug development in order for the drug itself to launch into the commercial phrase without other variables affecting it.

Origin Pharma Packaging’s design process not only guarantees certification but also drives quality. The four stages that appear throughout the journey of the design, creates opportunities to revise what has been delivered so far to allow the client to make amends to the final outcome (saving on costly amends at the end of the process).

Origin Pharma Packaging are supporting companies in designing bespoke primary packaging, which require specific assets. In addition, the company are supporting companies who need to re-design current packaging assets, to become child resistant compliant or that have migration issues with closure designs.

Pilot understands challenges, needs and goals. By integrating itself into the client’s packaging department, it supports scientific departments, which may have a keen interest in ingredients used within the packaging itself. Origin Pharma Packaging ensures all key stakeholders are involved and are kept up to date with every stage of the Pilot process.

Origin Pharma’s Head of Marketing Rich Quelch explains the impact Pilot is having on the pharmaceutical industry: "Origin Pharma Packaging has an ethos of inspire to innovate. We want not only the NPD team to be inspirational, but to also be inspired by their clients primary packaging plans and pharmaceutical products. Over the past three years, we have invested heavily into our NPD department in terms of personnel, infrastructure, and processes".

The NPD department has a full process, which allows origin to design the packaging required and have it printed through its 3D printing service. This allows the client to make any specific amendments and to have an actual physical copy of the design to evaluate, rather than working from visuals online. The 3D printing department are working with a number of major pharmaceutical companies, which require fast turnaround times in packaging designs to assist in ensuring increased speed to market for their product and packaging. In addition, pharma companies are using the service to test mock-up packaging to establish whether the elements are viable before going to pilot stage of primary packaging production.

The Pilot process creates a partnership between Origin Pharma Packaging and the client, which supports the communication between both parties and also creates a strong foundation to debate on the design, enabling maximum (and optimised) return of the client’s packaging project.

Quelch adds: "Origin Pharma Packaging prides itself on building long-term relationships which inspire both the client and the Origin brand. We drive change, which inevitably delivers innovation."

He then explains the NPD department are continually researching and travelling the globe to establish the next generation of pharmaceutical packaging: "Origin’s NPD department deliver open workshops with pharmaceutical companies to support their next generation packaging initiatives. The team travel the globe researching new materials and packaging initiatives to ensure they are market leading in their primary packaging innovations."

The 4D approach is proving to be a huge success and is enabling the pharmaceutical industry to realise its packaging ambitions.

Origin Pharma Packaging will be exhibiting at CPhI Barcelona and will have an area dedicated to PILOT. There will be the NPD team present on the stand to answer any questions around new and current packaging design projects.