Use of 3D printing is varied and ever-changing, with many companies in a number of sectors utilising the technique to improve systems and techniques.

The pharmaceutical packaging industry is no different, and Origin is making full use of 3D printing to help its customers deliver high-quality, safe, and user-friendly products to consumers across the globe.

So, why 3D printing? While computer-aided design software provides simulations of how a product will work, nothing compares to having a tangible and fully functional version, which can be put to the test. This is also excellent for gaining user feedback from focus groups, which is where the more precise design hiccups can be discovered and rectified accordingly.

By helping to pinpoint issues and secure approval from testers as early as possible, 3D printing saves time, money, and stress by guiding you to a marketable product more smoothly and swiftly than ever before.

By presenting a three-dimensional model rather than referring to screen diagrams and printouts, we can also help your teams get a real feel for the product before it leaves the production line. This is highly beneficial in determining exactly how a product will be rolled out and sustained, from logistics and storage to branding and point of sale (POS) placement.

While the research and development (R&D) and manufacturing departments can optimise the product’s functionality, quality, and consistency; sales and marketing divisions can plan exactly how the product will land and operate in the world of the consumer.

Speaking of the consumer, they’ll get the best possible product due to advanced testing, problem-solving and finalisation methods. By incorporating 3D printing into the design process, you can rest assured that your company is selling a product, which has been trialled and assessed under specific circumstances and environments, removing the risk factor and optimising its reliability.

We highly recommend making the most of our 3D printing service, as its advantages will significantly enhance your entire design, development, manufacturing and marketing processes. Fast, effective and 100% true to the end product, a 3D printed prototype offers incredible opportunities for evaluation and amendment, as well as unparalleled peace of mind for the producer, the supply chain and the end user. Take your new product development operations to the next level and increase your company’s competitiveness in the pharmaceutical market by working with Origin to ensure product excellence every time.

We’re dedicated to providing tailored pharmaceutical packaging solutions, which play a core role in Bringing Healing Home.