Non-alcohol hand sanitiser

Flu season has arrived! Did you know that non-alcohol hand sanitiser attacks both bacteria and viruses?

This is why health experts and medical professionals keep it close by at all times. Click the link to keep your business and employees germ-free before the flu strikes again!

Non-alcohol instant foam hand sanitiser
Prudential Cleanroom Supplies’ Non-Alcohol Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of the most common germs that can cause disease. This foam hand sanitiser is designed to be used on clean, non-soiled hands any time where rinsing with water is not available.

Key features:

  • Time / kill test provided 99.9% kill rates
  • Benefits from alcohol-free verses alcohol-based are nonflammable and have better skin compatibility and is safer
  • Rich, luxurious foam
  • Gentle on hands
  • Pleasant scent
  • Better coverage
  • 500ml (625 uses per 500ml refill based on 0.8ml per push)
  • For use with: 9971, 9921W, 9921BB, 9921BW dispenser, and 9729 soap stand­

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