Cleanroom and Air-Lock Furniture

Marburger Str 8, 34537, Bad Wildungen, Germany

Marburger Str 8, 34537, Bad Wildungen, Germany

TRESOLID’s cleanroom and airlock furniture provide straightforward and functional designs, as well as smart, detailed solutions, ensuring equipment and components do not stand between employees and their tasks, fitting seamlessly into the workflow.

The high level and functionality of our products guarantee effectiveness. All TRESOLID products are GMP-compliant and designed and made in-house using quality materials by TRESPA, which have satisfactory cleaning properties, as well as a state-of-the-art anti-bacterial coating.

In our portfolio for cleanroom, laboratory and office furniture, personnel and material airlocks and individual components, assembly and service are also included.

Cleanroom and airlock furniture for pharmaceutical applications

We conceptualise cleanroom and airlock furniture following precise preparation. As well as the professional and technical development process, we also put our passion into the design and functionality.

The focus of a satisfactory design is upon the functionality of the object, rather than the way it looks. Using a tool, a piece of furniture or any other commodity must be simple, effective and pleasant, which is how the purpose of such a tool becomes apparent. When this principle is continued consistently in the development of an item, this automatically makes it aesthetic, which creates a satisfactory design.

Design of high-quality cleanroom furniture

With a concentration on functional design effective in its presentation, cleanroom and airlock concepts by TRESOLID stand out, owning to their high level of manageability. We will always be your ideal partner when it comes to high quality, tailor-made solutions and reliability in execution.

As a result of our close partnership with numerous established suppliers such as TRESPA, and the approach, manufacture and assembly from staff with several years of experience, customers can rest assured that our cleanroom and airlock systems will remain functional for extended periods, allowing the smooth running of all workflows.

Qualified specialist maintenance staff

Our specialist staff perform all maintenance work, including qualified consultation and in-house production.

TRESOLID’s team can carry out 3D planning, assembly and sealing, as well as measuring on location. All products come with the relevant GMP-compliant documentation.


TRESOLID is a family owned medium-sized company located in Bad Wildungen, Germany, with the roots of the business dating back to 1875. The company began to expand into areas of conceptualisation, product and assembly of solutions for airlocks and cleanrooms ten years ago, with high-quality furniture construction as its basis.

Implemented throughout our work are numerous projects for the car, food and pharmaceutical industries.


Marburger Str 8


Bad Wildungen


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