Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is a research-based pharmaceutical company. The company carries out research, development, production, and marketing of prescription pharmaceuticals. Chugai operates its business through products from Chugai’s research and products in-licensed from Roche. The company refines and harnesses its technological and scientific strengths to develop innovative drugs that meet unmet medical needs and benefit patients. Chugai offers biopharmaceuticals, molecular targeted therapies, and other innovative medicines that are backed by advanced science and technologies. The company contributes to the advancement of healthcare by promoting the use of multidisciplinary team care, supporting the coordination of regional healthcare, holding lectures and study sessions, and conducting disease awareness activities. Chugai focuses its efforts on creating innovative drugs by using proprietary antibody technologies and research resources. The company’s digital solutions facilitate the promotion of regional healthcare coordination, including cooperation agreements with local governments and cooperation with medical institutions for disease awareness events and the provision of information.