ADvirtual creates customised simulations for training critical operations and procedures for life science and healthcare industries to simplify critical training procedures involving the visual, auditory and tactile senses.

We utilise the latest virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to create unique immersive and engaging simulations for our customers, who all have different requirements.

We aim to adapt and implement customer specifications provide robust solutions for heavily regulated industries.

Industries we work with

Life science

Pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing is comprehensively regulated. Therefore, training must be current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) compliant. VR training simulations can enhance and secure that operators are trained in compliance and consistent with regulations.

Complex procedures can be performed through VR training simulations to provide an immersed practical experience while initiating better and faster training, as well as decreasing downtime and human error upon operations.

Benefits to VR training simulations include bridging the gap between theory and practice, reflective learning, improved learning retention and on-the-job training, increased productivity, fewer errors and non-conformities, as well as faster turnaround times and operational readiness.


VR training simulations offer healthcare professionals the chance to train in a safe, virtual environment with a large number of critical activities and procedures.

A limitless number of scenarios can be simulated in various degrees of complexity, preparing individuals for critical situations, without putting patients or themselves in danger, resulting in a deeper understanding and, ultimately, better patient safety.

In this scenario, benefits of VR simulations provide a lasting impact on individual behaviour through ‘learning by doing’, adjustable levels of complexity and stress and coordinated work with other team members, as well as reduced practice costs and cost-effective training materials.

Working with us

Finding the right project

When acknowledging the use of VR for training, the aim should be to choose the ideal situation to introduce VR, especially when dealing with innovative technology, as well as learning methodologies individuals may be unacquainted.
ADvirtual has combined more than 40 years of consulting experience within life science and healthcare industries and can assist in optimising our clients’ return on investment.

By selecting the right situation, customers can increase their likelihoods of success and of representing real value and impact for employees and managers, as well as other stakeholders.

Several factors to consider when selecting a project for training with VR include, it contains critical procedures, involves interactions with both humans and equipment and involves a large volume of training. Furthermore, it requires tracking, certification and reporting for regulatory requirements and reduces known errors and conformities.

It is safe to assume that not all items will match every situation. However, clients should aim to accommodate as many as possible.

About ADvirtual

We work solely with healthcare and life science customers, with a specialised team working within the two industries that give us the benefit to understand our clients’ processes and products. We have extensive knowledge of GMP and standard operating procedure (SOP) development, as well as regulations related to these industries.

Having a deep understanding of these industries indicates we require little onboarding to produce the solutions our customers are searching.