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Air Pollution, Odour, Dust and Gas Control Systems

ERG is a leading supplier of control systems for air pollution, odour, dust and gas. Its systems are specifically designed to give the best solution for the lowest capital and running costs.

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ERG is a leading supplier of conditioning systems for the control of air pollution, odour, dust and gas. Its systems are specifically designed to give the best solution for the lowest capital and running costs.

Many of the world’s leading industrial companies are clients of ERG. We now have more than 1,000 operational air pollution control plants worldwide.

Air pollution and odour control systems, particulate removal systems and VOC abatement and recovery

ERG specialises in:

A V-tex scrubber unit installed at a pharmaceutical research facility for vent gas scrubbing.
An ERG skid-mounted pilot unit in use at a major chemical facility.
Schematic detail of a two-stage V-tex™ scrubber.
An odour dispersion model showing atmospheric dispersion from a proposed new process plant.
An ERG odour control unit at a major waste processing facility.
  • Turnkey air pollution control systems
  • Odour control systems
  • Chemical scrubbing, stripping and condensing technology
  • Soluble contamination capture and recovery
  • Particulate removal systems
  • Hazardous waste flue-gas cleaning
  • VOC abatement and recovery
  • Desulphurisation
  • Biogas and syngas cleaning

Gas scrubbing, carbon filters, biofilters and bioscrubbers

ERG’s products and technology includes packed tower, tray, cyclonic and eductor scrubbers, V-tex™ gas scrubbing technology, bioscrubbers and variable throat venturi scrubbers. ERG also supplies carbon filters, biofilters and skid-mounted packages.

Odour and dispersion modelling consultancy, and front-end design studies

ERG can also offer maintenance contracts, 24-hour call out, pilot trials, odour and dispersion modelling consultancy, and front-end design studies.

Quench systems, scrubbers, heat exchangers, plume suppression and effluent treatment

From skid-mounted V-tex™ and packed tower scrubber packages to major, on-site installations comprising quench systems, scrubbers (including V-tex™, packed tower and venturi scrubbers), heat exchangers, plume suppression and effluent treatment, ERG can offer a properly engineered and optimised solution for clients in the chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Pharmaceutical batch reactor vent gas cleaning

ERG’s innovative V-tex™ scrubber is particularly suited for pharmaceutical batch reactor off-gas scrubbing challenges that other technologies cannot match.

Pharmaceutical production in pressurised batch reactors presents a unique challenge for gas cleaning systems, as the gas flow rate varies dramatically as the reactor is vented. It is critical that off-gases are cleaned to high efficiency as they can be contaminated with noxious compounds, aerosols and particulates.

Unlike other traditional packed towers or venturi scrubbers, the V-tex™ excels under these variable conditions. The extraordinary property of the V-tex™ is that as the gas flow rate varies the mass transfer efficiency remains constant, making the V-tex™ a self-regulating absorption technology for variable gas flows. This is radically different to other scrubbers, which only operate effectively over a narrow flow rate range, and makes the V-tex™ uniquely suited to pharmaceutical applications.

Odour and air pollution control consultancy

Odour control and air pollution control can be achieved in many ways but choosing the optimum solution demands an in-depth understanding of many factors. Many leading organisations, both end users and contractors, draw on our 30 years of expertise.

Odour dispersion modelling

Our odour dispersion reports supply all the calculations and assessments required during the planning and design stages of a project. We also offer free advice on process requirements.

Odour mapping

For clients with an existing facility, ERG offers an odour mapping service to determine the most significant sources of odour. Armed with this knowledge, a structured approach to combating emissions can be developed, and a properly optimised, site-wide odour management plan can be proposed.

When odour control equipment is installed, this can be targeted to the most odorous parts of the site first, maximising the benefit of the capital outlay, improving the site’s working environment and reducing the odour at the site boundary and, with it, odour complaints from neighbours.

Pilot trials

For existing polluting processes, it is often helpful to carry out a pilot trail to establish the feasibility of treating the odour or air pollution using the proposed system.

ERG has pilot plants available offering a complete range of pilot trial options. These include V-tex™ scrubbers of different sizes and materials, and packed bed scrubber, venturi/quench and dry media (activated carbon and oxidizing media) systems.

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