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ISO17025 Accredited Calibration Services for Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Instrumentation

Reliability and Maintenance Services Ltd (RAMS) provides ISO17025 accredited calibration services for a wide range of temperature, humidity, and pressure instruments through its calibration laboratory CALAB.


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Calibration services for temperature and humidity

Reliability and Maintenance Services Ltd (RAMS) provides ISO17025 accredited calibration services for a wide range of temperature, humidity, and pressure instruments through its calibration laboratory CALAB.

Based in Malta, CALAB supports pharmaceutical, food, and healthcare clients to meet industry guidelines and quality systems by providing the necessary traceability for instrumentation calibration. CALAB enables clients to safeguard their sensitive products.

RAMS Ltd also provides wireless environmental monitoring and predictive maintenance systems, data loggers, and air filtration units, as well as cleanroom validation such as high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter testing.

ISO17025: 2005 accredited calibration services

RAMS’ CALAB calibrates instrumentation such as probes, sensors, handheld meters, transmitters, and complete data logging systems, including controlled environment chambers and warehousing / production area mapping.

Accredited hygrometry calibrations can be performed in the range of 5% relative humidity (RH) to 95%RH (with uncertainty from ±0.7%RH)
Choosing RAMS' on-site calibration services ensures a convenient, traceable calibration of measurement instrumentation.
RAMS' on-site laboratory offers calibration services for units measuring pressure, conductivity, air-flow, mass, temperature, and humidity.
The company's scope of accreditation includes instruments such as thermostats, temperature controllers, fridges, freezers, autoclaves, and gauges.

Correct instrument calibration helps decrease downtime and maintain high product quality. CALAB performs calibrations in-house using state-of-the-art technology or comprehensive on-site services for minimal disruption to operations. The calibration processes are governed by a robust quality management system (QMS), which meets ISO 17025:2005 standards.

RAMS’ CALAB is an environmentally controlled facility that measures temperature ranges from -95°C to 650°C, relative humidity (RH) from 5% to 95% at various temperatures, dew point from -20°C to 60°C, and pressure measurement from -0.95bar to 700bar. It ensures laboratory and manufacturing equipment is precisely calibrated, increasing integrity in the production chain.

Through its experienced staff, CALAB manages projects from scheduling to documentation delivery in a low delivery turnaround of two to five days.

In-house instrumentation calibration services

RAMS provides a cost-effective in-house calibration service using test equipment installed in CALAB. Clients send logging implementation such as temperature controllers, gauges, indicators, recorders, and RH sensors to the laboratory to be calibrated and safely returned.

RAMS’ CALAB is consistently checked for accuracy and precision, is environmentally controlled to ensure precise measurements, and helps reduce turnaround times. Its staff has extensive experience and training to ensure calibrations meet ISO 17025:2005 standards.

CALAB’s services include the handling of shipping operations for overseas orders or local pick-up and delivery within Malta. Other instruments that can be calibrated include thermistors, thermocouples, thermometers, and wireless data loggers, as well as pressure gauges, switches, and transmitters.

On-site calibration services

RAMS’ on-site calibration services are designed to minimise production disruption, while providing quick and accurate calibration for a range of measurement instrumentation. This high-quality service reduces downtime and eliminates the risk of lost or delayed shipments. Other instruments that can be calibrated on site are fridges, freezers, incubators, stability chambers, and autoclaves.

About RAMS

RAMS is committed to provide high-quality calibrations to ensure clients have operational, correctly calibrated instruments.

The company achieves quick turnaround times without affecting accuracy, quality, or comprehensive documentation. Alongside the calibration of temperature, humidity, and pressure instruments, CALAB also offers services for other measurements including mass, air flow, and conductivity.

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