Vaisala is celebrating its 80-year anniversary. Throughout the past decades, Vaisala has been driven by a passion for creating the world’s finest environmental measurement solutions.

Science-based innovation is at the core of everything the company does, helping them to deliver solutions that fulfill and exceed customers’ needs.

80 years of experience in environmental measurement is the cornerstone of Vaisala’s future success. The desire to better understand controlled environments drives its R&D efforts. However, the company understands that customers look beyond the technology.

Today’s customers need accurate, verified and reliable data available easily and on demand, with services and support that ensure Vaisala’s solutions deliver on every promise.

With world-class sensing technology and environmental monitoring systems, Vaisala serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical industries, as well as related research and distribution applications.

The company’s solutions reduce the risk of damage to life-saving products and help customers meet strict regulatory compliance standards.